We’re all looking for ways to get active. The gym is the most popular way around the world, but how much does a gym membership cost?

Gym memberships range in cost from $10/month all the way up to several hundred dollars per month, for some of the more exclusive gyms. Most standard gym memberships cost between $10 and $40 per month.

How Much Does a Planet Fitness Membership Cost?

Planet Fitness is considered to be the most affordable gym on this list. A Planet Fitness membership costs between $10-$25 per month, with a $39 annual fee. Your exact cost depends on whether you’re signing up on a no-commitment plan, or for a full 12-month plan.

While Planet Fitness offers a great value for the cost, you will want to be aware that there are a few limitations to Planet Fitness. The first is that there are no barbells here. You can still bench, squat, and deadlift, but you have to do it on a smith machine. For beginners, Planet Fitness is a great first gym.

How Much Does a Gold’s Gym Membership Cost?

Gold’s Gym is a fantastic gym, especially for those that are more serious gym-goers. A Gold’s Gym membership costs between $40-$65 per month, along with a $49 annual fee, and a set-up fee that ranges from $29-$69. Your exact cost depends on whether you’re signing up on a no-commitment plan, or if you’re committing to X amount of months.

Gold’s Gym is frequently doing specials and promos, so if all you see at the time you’re signing up is full price, maybe give them a call, or wait a week or two.

How Much Does a UFC Gym Membership Cost?

This is one of those gyms that has a very wide range of membership costs. In general, a UFC Gym membership will cost between $49-$179/month, with an ~$89 initiation fee.

The reason for this wide range is that there are a variety of types of memberships you can sign up for. Because the UFC gym can be treated as a normal gym, with a $49/month membership cost, or a membership with all sorts of classes in the MMA realm. When you’re looking for a membership with all of these different MMA sports classes and access is how the membership costs gets higher up on that range.

How Much Does a Crunch Fitness Membership Cost?

Crunch Fitness is another fantastic budget gym. A Crunch Fitness membership costs between $9.95-$34.95 per month, along with a $39-$89 enrolment fee (depending on what membership you get). There is also a $6.50 annual fee, which is pretty good compared to many other clubs.

Crunch Fitness is very similar to Planet Fitness, except CF locations almost always have squat racks (with barbells), which PF does not have. Crunch Fitness is a great option when “graduating” from Planet Fitness.

How Much Does a Snap Fitness Membership Cost?

Snap Fitness is a network of gyms that are run by 100’s of franchisees that set their own prices, so there isn’t necessarily a great answer to this question. However, a Snap Fitness membership costs between $30-$60/month generally, and have a $50-$100 initiation fee.

Because Snap Fitness is just a network of franchises, which are owned by franchisees, as opposed to corporate owned gyms, you should look into your local Snap Fitness’ deals going on. Most Snap Fitness locations will have a deal of some sort.

How Much Does a Genesis Health Club Membership Cost?

A Genesis Health Club membership costs between $30-$45/month, along with a large signup fee of more than $200+. These figures are not concrete, as some members have had success getting the initiation fee waived.

As with most gyms, signing up for a longer-term contract can get you a better deal than shorter-term.

How Much Does an O2 Fitness Membership Cost?

O2 Fitness offers a discount when signing up with a group of people. An O2 Fitness Membership costs between $24-$38, with a larger discount being awarded to those that are signing up with numbers. For someone signing up by themselves, it costs $38/month, while bringing a total of 7 people to sign up brings the price down to $24/month per person.

There is also a $25 enrollment fee that applies per household (if signing up with others).

How Much Does a YMCA Membership Cost?

The YMCA is another fitness center that has a wide variety of prices across the continent. Generally, a YMCA membership costs between $40-$60/month, with a potential signup fee of ~$25, depending on what city you are in.

Many YMCA’s have deals on Groupon, so make sure to check your city’s Groupon section for any YMCA deals. Most YMCA’s will also offer a discount for signing up with others, such as a family pass.

How Much Does an Orangetheory Membership Cost?

Orangetheory has a few different membership options, with 4 classes/m, 8 classes/m, and unlimited classes/m packages. An Orangetheory unlimited membership costs $140-$190/month, depending on where around the world you are. The 4 classes/m package usually starts at $59/m, and the 8 class packages usually starts at $99/m.

To get the most accurate pricing, you should check with your local Orangetheory.

How Much Does a 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost?

A 24 Hour Fitness membership generally costs between $30-$50/month, depending on whether or not you’re on a contract or paying in full.

Currently, you can prepay for a one year membership with 24 Hour Fitness for $349.99, which works out to be $29.17/month onver those 12 months. Not a bad deal.

How Much Does a Onelife Fitness Membership Cost?

A Onelife Fitness membership costs $40/month or $50/month, depending on if you signup for a contract or a no-commitment plan. There is also a $49 enrollment fee that applies.

How Much Does a Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost?

Lifetime Fitness memberships start at $59/month and can cost as much as $189/month. There are many factors to your membership cost, such as age and contract details.

Keep in mind that Lifetime Fitness also has an initiation fee, which ranges from $39-$79.

How Much Does a DW Fitness First Membership Cost?

A DW Fitness First membership costs between $30-$45/month, depending on what length of contract you sign up for. With a 12 month contract, you pay the equivalent of $30/month, while a month-to-month contract is $45/month.

There is also a $49 enrollment fee, which is somewhat standard in the fitness industry.

How Much Does a Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost?

A Powerhouse Gym membership will cost varying amounts because these gyms are owned by franchisees, but a Powerhouse Gym membership typically cost between $29/month and $49/month, with a ~$49 enrollment fee and ~$49 annual fee.

There are not set prices because rather than gyms all having the same owners, Powerhouse Gyms are usually owned by different people across the continent.

How Much Does an LA Fitness Membership Cost?

There are a few options for this gym. For access to all LA Fitness locations in a state, a membership costs $29.99/month, with a $99 enrollment fee and $39 annual fee. For a single location, it is $26.99/month, with the same additional fees.

How Much Does a World Gym Membership Cost?

A World Gym membership costs $59.95/month if on a month-to-month plan, or $720 paid in advance for a 14-month membership. The second option essentially gives you a free 2 months access, but you must pay all in advance.

How Much Does a Goodlife Fitness Membership Cost?

A Goodlife Fitness membership costs $29.99 bi-weekly, which works out to be a little more than $60/month (over the course of a year).

If you can get on a corporate plan, you can get a better deal on your Goodlife membership.

How Much Does a MUV Fitness Membership Cost?

An MUV Fitness membership costs $20-$27.50 biweekly for access to the gym but does not include the fitness classes that MUV Fitness offers.

A membership that includes fitness classes will cost between $55-$75 biweekly for unlimited access to these classes, depending on your contract length.

How Much Does a Fitness 19 Membership Cost?

Fitness 19 has a wide variety of membership prices, so you should check with your local Fitness 19 for exact prices. Generally, a Fitness 19 membership costs between $10-$25/month, along with a $39 annual fee, and a $25-$99 enrollment fee.

You can check out your individual club’s membership options by finding your gym in this list.

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