MrBeast is an extremely popular YouTuber who has amassed a subscriber count of nearly 46 million subscribers. But, how did MrBeast amass his following and get rich?

The 3 main ways that MrBeast got rich are through YouTube ad revenue, brand deals, and merch sales. These streams, bringing him revenues of ~$40 million every year, is how MrBeast got rich.

Please Note: This article was written in November of 2020 but will be edited to stay current as best as possible.

Early Career

His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he was born on May 7, 1998. His real YouTube fame began in 2017, and has been on a rocketship of views and subscribers ever since.

However, MrBeast started as a gaming channel in early 2012, uploading videos of himself playing Minecraft, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more.

He also created commentary videos on a wide variety of topics. He made videos talking about “Should College Athletes be Paid?”, “5 YouTubers I Think Will be Famous”—(how ironic, he is wildly more famous than all of the 5 in this video combined), and other similar videos.

He also made videos on “How much money does *insert YouTuber here* make?”, for many YouTubers such as PewDiePie (several times), Penguinz0, CaptainSparklez, Tobuscus, and more.

MrBeast uploaded his first video that went absolutely viral on January 31, 2016, it was called “Counting To 10000 In One Sitting”

This video currently has nearly 14 million views, and was his first video to go viral within the recommended videos tab.

Since that video, he has created many renditions of it, such as “Counting to 100,000“, “Counting to 200,000“, and “Counting to 300,000“. These videos earned 21M, 2.9M, and 1.6M views, respectively.

He continued uploading videos with this similar “viral nature” for many years with mild success, but in January of 2018, his life changed forever.

At the time, he was sitting at just over 2 million subscribers. This is a respectable amount, but not nearly as impressive as the incredible 46 million that he has now.

In just 34 months, MrBeast’s subscriber count grew by an incredible 2,200%, going from 2M to 46M.

Along with his subscriber count, his video views went wild.

In that same timeframe, he went from nearly 267M total video views, to nearly 7 billion. This also represents a 2,522% increase in total video views on his channel.

So, needless to say, MrBeast has seen some immense success from his YouTube channel in the last 8 years, and more specifically the last ~3 years.

But, how did MrBeast get rich? How does he afford to make these extravagant videos like “I Opened a Free Car Dealership”?

Ad Revenue

The first, and maybe most obvious, source of MrBeast’s earnings is his ad revenue.

SocialBlade, which is a very popular social networking statistics website, estimates that MrBeast earns about $1.4M-$22M in ad revenue from his videos on his main channel every year.

mrbeast youtube salary

Most often, larger channels earn closer to the higher number of this range, so MrBeast’s yearly ad revenue is likely close to $22 million.

Due to the viral nature of his videos, he will most likely continue to hit similar numbers as long as his channel is around, since people will still watch his videos from years ago.

And, what is the most crazy is that ad revenue is only one small portion of his total revenues.

Brand Deals

MrBeast started using brand deals as a way to fund his videos in mid 2017.

On June 15, 2017, MrBeast uploaded a video called “Giving a Random Homeless Man $10,000”. This $10,000 was funded by a company called “Quidd“, who gave MrBeast the money in exchange for sponsoring the video.

It was successful, and Quidd sponsored another video. This time; “Giving Homeless People $1,000 (Not Clickbait)”, where he gave 10 homeless people $1,000.

His videos have gone from incredibly generous, to outright nuts. He recently gave his 40,000,000th subscriber 40 cars.

Over the last few years, he’s received many sponsors from large companies including Apex Legends, Honey and Epic Games (Rocket League).

Although the exact revenue from these sponsors is unknown, it likely provides him well into the 6-figure range every single month, and maybe even into the 7-figure range.

Merch Sales

Estimating merch sales is slightly difficult, however “Mr Beast merch” gets about 30,000 searches on Google every month, in the US alone.

Including all other countries, this number is more likely ~50k-60k searches per month, along with all of the traffic to his merch store that he gets from his videos, likely around 200,000-300,000 people per month at a minimum.

Assuming a conservative 50,000 items of merchandise sold per month, with an average order value of $60, this is an additional (50,000 x $60) = $3 million every month in revenue.

Assuming a 15% profit margin, this is another $450k per month in money that he can put towards his videos (though he doesn’t necessarily have to).

Other YouTube Channels

MrBeast has several other YouTube channels which produce revenue for him, here’s a look at these other channels, and their statistics involving subscribers and yearly ad revenue.

MrBeast Gaming

This channel has ~10M subscribers, and earns MrBeast an additional $900k-$14M per year in ad revenue.

mrbeast gaming revenue

MrBeast Shorts

This channel has 1.85M subscribers, and earns MrBeast an additional $80k-$1.3M per year in ad revenue.

mrbeast shorts revenue

MrBeast 2

This channel has 1.2M subscribers, and earns MrBeast an additional $2k-$30k per year in ad revenue.

mrbeast 2 revenue

Beast Reacts

This channel has 3.47M subscribers, and earns MrBeast an additional $24k-$386M per year in ad revenue.

beast reacts revenue

All His Channels Together

Altogether, the rest of MrBeast’s “second” channels earn about $1M-$15.7M per year.

Again, we can pretty safely assume that the actual revenue is closer to the higher end of that range.

So, his main channel plus his secondary channels all added together earns a whopping $2.4M-$37.7M every year.

mrbeast revenue

The Real Genius of MrBeast

Everything that MrBeast makes, is reinvested into making bigger and better content, which generates more views and more money, which he can use to make even bigger and better content.

It is a constant loop, and he even claims to be doing this, saying “My mindset has always been reinvest what I make back into content and I’m not stopping now haha”

mrbeast tweet

MrBeast is one of the most influential YouTubers of the 21st century, and that is likely not changing anytime soon.

If you were asking “how did MrBeast get rich?” I hope that this has provided you a good understanding of exactly how he’s gotten to where he is today.

Josiah Brown is a 20-year-old Entrepreneur and writer who is on a life-long journey of experiencing and learning.