If you are a creative-type on the job hunt, this list of artistic jobs that pay over $100k a year will be up your alley.

Money or passion? For too long now, there’s been an impression that we have to choose one over the other because of the belief that the two cannot coexist.

This is a common notion because creative jobs have a reputation of being low-paying.

As a result of this, many artists sacrifice their creative spirits to pursue a high-paying job. Then their passion just turns into a hobby.  

But what if we told you that your art doesn’t have to suffer? Now, you no longer have to make the choice between money or passion because there are jobs and artistic careers that allow you to have both!

Just for you, we’ve rounded up 14 artistic jobs that pay over $100k per year! Browse these creative jobs, update your CV and portfolio, and start looking for high-paying artistic job opportunities in your area!

1. Graphic Web Designer

Average Annual Salary: $142,080

With the internet making a vast impact in today’s day and age, the demand for web designers is steadily rising. More and more businesses are looking for professionals who can help them create attractive and appealing websites.

Web designers are graphic artists that focus on designing and styling web pages. The job requires professionals to unleash their creative spirit while sticking to the brand guidelines of their clients.

high paying artistic jobs

Their goal is to structure the visual appeal of a website to help businesses attract potential customers.

To be a graphic web designer, a person needs to graduate with an associate’s degree, however, more technical positions may demand a bachelor’s degree in web design, computer graphics, or other related majors.

If you have an abundance of creative spirit and a knack for programming and critical thinking skills, consider pursuing a career as a web designer. A senior-level role can pay an average salary of $142,080.

2. Animator or Multimedia Artist

Average Annual Salary: $139,940

If you channel your creativity through creating digital animations, then you can pursue a career as an animator or multimedia artist and earn as much as $139,940 a year.

Animators are in charge of creating motion graphics for digital platforms through the use of computer programs. Typically, they can be found in movie, film, gaming, or marketing industries.

However, most animators and multimedia artists work on a freelance, self-employed setup.

Because this is an in-demand profession, it’s becoming very competitive. To be accepted in a junior animator role, you will need a bachelor’s degree in related fields, such as computer graphics, fine arts, and animation.

Most employers also require a portfolio to determine the skills and capabilities of their applicants.

If you want to build your portfolio and pursue a career as an animator, you can take programs to build your skills in drawing, animation, interactive media, and game and film design.  

3. Writer or Editor

Average Annual Salary: $122,450

If you have a fondness for the written word, then you are well-equipped to be a writer or editor. Writers find significance in many different fields, in charge of writing content for newspapers, websites, magazines, books, and more.

Especially with the growing importance of content for businesses to stay competitive, writers are high in demand. So much so that companies are willing to pay an average annual salary of $122,450 for skilled writers.

Every writer has a different specialty, the most common ones being technical writing, copywriting, book writing, and poetry.

Seasoned writers also advance to become editors, who are in charge of improving written materials, as well as assigning topics to be published on several mediums.

To become a writer or editor, you typically need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in related fields such as communications, literature, journalism, media arts, or English. There are also graduate degrees in Fine Arts and Journalism that one can venture into.

4. Sound Engineering Technician

Average Annual Salary: $121,320

Do you have a love for music? Do sounds and melodies help fuel your creative and artistic spirit? If you said yes to both questions, then you may become successful as a sound engineering technician.

Sound engineering technicians typically work in the fields of radio, TV, movie, and music recording. They are in charge of setting up, operating and maintaining the electrical equipment in a studio, ensuring that the sound system works effectively upon broadcast.

Depending on the industries they are in, sound engineering technicians often work with a lot of radio hosts, celebrities, musicians, and DJs. If that sounds appealing to you, you need to obtain a post-secondary certificate on top of your associate’s degree.

A post-secondary certificate program usually takes a couple of months to complete. It’s required to enhance your skills in audio and video equipment, practical video editing skills, production management, and the like.

Some programs also give you hands-on experience with sound engineering equipment.

Sound engineering technician jobs are expected to grow by 9% in the next decade, being one of the fastest-growing professions. These professionals earn an average annual salary of $121,320, depending on the industry they are employed in.

5. Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $149,200

Marketing is a very crucial endeavor that businesses need to compete and succeed in today’s corporate landscape. Hence, marketing managers and other members of a marketing team are more in-demand than ever.

To be a marketing manager, one needs to be very creative, able to come up with great, innovative ideas for a marketing campaign. They have very diverse job responsibilities, which can include overseeing website management, social media, podcasts, content marketing, data analytics, and PR.

But their ultimate purpose is to promote a brand and attract potential consumers.

Marketing managers need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, finance, and other similar fields. There are also master’s degrees that boost their competitive edge and land them higher-paying jobs with an annual salary of over $149,200.

Typically, employers require 2 years of experience before accepting a candidate in a marketing manager role. So most professionals will need to have job experience in other marketing careers first.

6. Art Director

Average Annual Salary: $188,750

Most creatively inclined professionals aspire to be an art director, considering that it’s an impressive job title with a high annual salary. Not only that, but it’s a profession where creativity and self-expression are very much welcomed.

Art directors are found in many creative fields, such as TV, movie, publishing, gaming, web design, and marketing. Their role is to provide the creative design vision for a team, coming up with innovative, artistic, and out-of-the-box ideas for a particular set.

The goal of an art director is to make sure that creativity is flowing in all materials and campaigns, pushing the boundaries, and empowering a brand or subject through art.

If you want to become an art director, you need an art or design bachelor’s degree. Some courses you can take include fine arts, digital media, or visual communications.

Some employers also prefer hiring art directors with adequate work experience in different artistic professions, such as photography, graphic design, and illustration.

7. Film and Video Editor

Average Annual Salary: $168,320

Film and video editors are highly important in the entertainment age, in charge of editing scenes, clips, and graphics for production. They also synchronize music or voiceovers with the videos, most especially in the fields of film and recording studios.

These professionals typically work as an essential part of an entire team and contribute to the completion of a media project. However, they usually work alone to foster their concentration and creativity.

While film and video editors are given briefs, they do have some form of creative liberty when it comes to their projects. Their personal skill sets come into significant play to bring life to a video or film output.

The educational requirements to become a film or video editor are not strict. Employers prefer to see soft skills and of course, innovative thinking and creativity.

So video editors have varying degrees, but most of them have backgrounds in communications, film, visual arts, graphic design, multimedia, and photography.

8. Fashion Designer

Average Annual Salary: $149,010

If you consider style to be important when it comes to clothing, you might have a knack for fashion design. Fashion designers are responsible for the different styles of apparel you see every day, creating design concepts for women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing.

Day by day, fashion designers study new fashion trends and come up with stylish clothing designs. They also choose the materials to be used to create apparel.

Fashion designers have different specialties. Some are experts at creating gowns, others in suits, and there are also fashion designers who create simple, functional clothing and accessories.

To be a competitive fashion designer in the retail industry, one should have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising where they learn all about different fabrics and how to seam clothing. In a degree, they also get to create pieces they can add to their portfolio.

Be aware that the fashion world is highly competitive. If you want to make it in this world, you will need to work hard and smart.

9. Illustrator

Average Annual Salary: $110,000

Original images and graphics are always needed by companies. And this is where illustrators come in. These professionals create artistic images according to the client’s specifications, usually enhanced by a span of different colors to add value visually.

Illustrators usually hand-draw their graphics and refine them using digital illustration software. If you’re fond of drawing and sketching, this job might be for you. Becoming an illustrator means you get to work with marketing and design teams to bring images to life.

If you want to pursue a career as an illustrator, most companies require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in any related field, but preferably one in fine arts. There are also companies that accept candidates based on pure skill, even those with only a high school diploma.

10. Creative Director

Average Annual Salary: $134,000

Creative directors are somewhat similar to art directors, except they focus on marketing and advertising. These professionals work in agencies, creating artistic visions for a client’s promotional needs.

Creative directors oversee the entire process and workflow of creative teams, often assisting and supervising graphic designers, video editors, art directors, and writers. Their job involves coming up with creative campaigns and advancing their creative philosophy.

To become a creative director, experience matters more than education. Most people in this profession have been promoted from content strategist and producer roles.

While a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate qualification can be helpful in increasing a creative director’s earning potential, there are employers who don’t require them.

11. Design Manager

Average Annual Salary: $106,500

Design managers work in the construction industry, offering their talent and creativity to yield an aesthetic and functional building or structure. These professionals work with architects and engineers, taking charge of the whole design aspect in construction projects.

To deliver in their assigned roles, design managers create technical drawings and complete plans that other construction professionals will use to build the structure.

While it’s possible to obtain a design managerial position without formal requirements, a bachelor’s degree can make a candidate more competitive and increase their chances of getting paid a high salary.

A bachelor’s degree in architecture, architectural technology, design, and construction management can help an individual become successful in the profession. After being hired by a company, they will usually undergo training before taking on the job.

However, one can also take training programs on building engineering, management, and studies from other private training providers. This can get them a higher certification, making them a more competitive candidate.

12. Product Designer

Average Annual Salary: $100,800

A lot of the functionalities of everyday products we use are owing to the talents and contributions of product designers. These professionals take charge of the entire process of creating new products, from brainstorming to designing.

A product designer first identifies a problem, does user research, designs a solution that will help solve the problem, tests the solution, and conducts design improvements. Their specialty finds significance in companies with product-based offers.

Because product designers have a role to play in all stages of product development, they need to be equipped with soft and hard skills to be effective in the job. Hence, they have a minimum educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree.

Some degrees that create product designers include architecture, engineering, industrial design, and other relevant fields.

Being a product designer barely squeaks onto this list of artistic jobs that pay over $100k, but with an average salary of $100,800, it makes it!

13. User Experience Designer

Average Annual Salary: $100,000 to $200,000

User experience is one important foundation of sales, helping bring potential customers from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. Businesses who understand its importance know the value that user experience designers can bring to the table.

A user experience designer is a creative and technical professional who takes charge of the product development process with the goal of ensuring a seamless and above satisfactory experience.

They also have to integrate the company’s branding, the product design, the product’s usability and function, among others to create a UX-friendly offering. With this, user experience designers need both creative and technical skills to become effective in their roles.

If you want to become a user experience designer, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in the related fields of visual design, computer science, communication, and human psychology. Some companies also prefer candidates who possess graduate degrees.

14. Communications Manager

Average Annual Salary: $100,000 to $120,000

Effective communication is vital in any organization, which is why companies need to engage a communications manager. Communication managers ensure effective and seamless internal and external communications in an organization.

Although not apparent at first glance, their role requires creativity and innovative spirit. Most of their responsibilities include preparing media reports and collaterals, creating press releases, and assisting marketing campaigns and efforts.

To become a communications manager, an individual would need a bachelor’s degree in the courses of communications, public relations, or journalism. Some companies would also require 3 to 5 years of experience in the job.


You don’t have to sacrifice your passion for art, for the sake of making a living. Now, you can do both! This extensive list of artistic jobs that pay over $100k will allow you to unleash your creativity, make good money, and allow you to love what you do.


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