Key Points

Tai’s “E-Commerce Blueprint is an in-depth guide to selling products online, which features 80 videos, and 3 previously recorded live calls that you can learn from.

Pros of Ecommerce Blueprint

🌟 Tai’s course does not leave very much to your imagination, the videos range in length from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

🌟 Tai’s course doesn’t just give you insights from him. He features a lot of other world-class entrepreneurs on his courses, including David J. Woodbury, Jaiden Gross, Chris Smith, Mark Dhamma, Russell Brunson of Click Funnels, Dave Levine, Peter Pru, and many many more.

🌟 You have the ability to adjust the speed of the playback 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x or 2x. Many courses these days don’t have that capability, and it’s very useful.

🌟 You can work at your own pace, go through the whole course in a few days, or a few months. It’s up to you!

🌟 Tai’s course offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, which I know to be legit, as I’ve heard of several people that have successfully gotten this refund. I, of course, am not one of them.

Cons of Ecommerce Blueprint

😐 Tai can be pretty long-winded when recording these videos, so there is some repetition. However, I actually found that E-Commerce Blueprint is more to the point than some of his other courses, such as the 67 Steps.

What is Ecommerce Blueprint?

E-Commerce Blueprint is a course by Tai Lopez which teaches you how to make money online, by selling products to consumers through digital means.

As I said, it is composed of 80 videos featuring a long list of world-class entrepreneurs, as well as 3 live calls that have been previously recorded.

There are 7 different sections, which are as follows; Foundational Strategies, How to Get Your First Sale, Advanced Strategies, Amazon Private Label, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Marketing, and E-Commerce Blueprint Live Calls.

As far as the course content goes, it’s great. Tai has recruited many of the world’s top E-Commerce experts for this course.

Like I said, E-Commerce Blueprint seems like a much more straight to the point course than some of his other courses, such as 67 Steps.

Although there is content within the course that is at times repetitive and seemingly unnecessary, it is, for the most part, understandable.

With nearly 20 hours of content, it is kind of bound for the same things to be said a few times, especially considering how many different people came together to create the course.

There is a lot of content in this course that does not only apply to E-commerce businesses. Some of these include social media advertising and marketing, SEO, and web design strategies.

You also get access to the Facebook mastermind group, which currently has more than 3,000 members.

I am personally apart of several Tai Lopez mastermind groups, and all of them have been great experiences so far. This is of great value in and of itself.

Who is E-Commerce Blueprint Good For?

This Tai Lopez course has very few restrictions in terms of who can benefit from E-Commerce Blueprint.

There are a few absolute necessities if you are considering purchasing E-Commerce Blueprint.

Basic Computer Skills

Although your age is not the deciding factor when it comes to finding success with this course, you need to have, at the very least, basic computer skills.

This should be somewhat obvious, considering that the course is literally called “E-Commerce Blueprint”, as in electronic commerce. Because you wound up on this page, I will safely assume that you are okay in the basic computer skills department.

The Course Itself is Not the Only Investment

Once you have the course, you’ll still need a little bit of money to work with.

There’s no exact amount that I can share for you, but at the very minimum you should start with about $100 extra to spare.

You’ll have some basic costs, like a $10 domain, website builder/hosting ($10- $30/month), and then a bit of ad spend (if you have some $ leftover to spare)

Time Investment

If you are looking for something that is going to change your life with the snap of a finger, this is not it.

You must be prepared for a significant time investment if you want to see true success.

If you’re joining the program, it is a significant investment. You must commit to utilizing the information that you learn, in order to see the return on your investment.

You absolutely can find success using this program, just like you can with many other great programs out on the market. It’s more about you, versus the program that you are purchasing.

How Much Does E-Commerce Blueprint Cost?

Tai has two different payment options for his course.

The first option is a one time investment of $997.

The second option is 3 monthly payments of $497, which totals $1,491.

If you passed your middle school math courses, you probably know that the first option makes more sense in the long run. You can pay with a Visa or Mastercard, and like I said, you have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

How is The Tai Lopez Support?

Every time that I have needed to use Tai Lopez support, I have had a very positive experience.

I asked them a few questions as a test and got my first response less than 30 seconds later. She seemed very nice and helpful. You can see that short exchange below

tai lopez support

Is E-Commerce Blueprint Worth It?

We say that E-Commerce Blueprint is absolutely worth it. Utilizing the information within this course, you can absolutely start a 6 figure E-commerce business and beyond, with the right time and energy investment.

Because you get so much content, from so many different people, there is a lot of interesting insights that I was able to learn, and even information I took into my blog.

How to Get the Most Out of E-Commerce Blueprint

No matter who you are, dirt-poor, rich, young, old, or anything in between, there’s only one way for this course to be worth it. You need to go through it, and even more importantly, apply it.

Block out specific time slots in your day to dedicate to going through the content and applying it. You can work on this new journey at whatever pace you like, but you should be fair with yourself.

Be realistic with how much time you can really block off to work on it.

Overall Rating: 4.2🌟 / 5🌟

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