The death of millions of online dating conversations can be attributed to just one extremely simple question—”How tall are you?” Leading to sadness, anger, and confusion from millions of guys.

So, to answer the question simply; you can definitely date a girl taller than you! No one is allowed to force your hand in terms of who you can or can’t date. If you want to date a girl taller than you, then go for it! She might be into you, or she might not, just give it a shot.

However, you may be asking a different question at the same time; “will a taller girl date me?”. This is a much more complicated question with a more complex answer.

There will be girls in your life who will refuse to date a guy who is shorter than them. There will also be girls in your life who are not appalled by the idea of dating a guy shorter than them.

The question really is; is the girl that you’re into (if you currently are into a girl) in the first category of girls, or second category?

Why a Taller Girl May Not Want to Date a Shorter Guy

Tall Guys are Perceived as Stronger

As humans, we still get the same impulses as humans did thousands and thousands of years ago. In the past, females would view taller guys as stronger, and more able-bodied in terms of warding off attacks to her, and potentially her family.

Obviously, today this is much less of an issue if we think about it. We are more civilized, we don’t need to fight off a pack of wolves in order to eat dinner. However, women will still feel this “power” from taller guys, even if it is unconsciously. There will still be situations where being with a guy that can protect her is useful, e.g. if you guys get mugged.

However, tall guys may only appear to be stronger and able to ward off predators, because of our association of height with weight and strength. Which may seem really unfair!

Tall Guys Are and/or Appear More Confident

Because we revert to the same standards of attraction that we did thousands of years ago, women find men with confidence attractive. Confidence, NOT over-confidence. Remember that!

The reason for this is simple, confident men typically do best in all aspects of life—including wealth and success. Women think/know that if they are with a confident man, they will be okay regardless of what happens in their lives.

Not only will they be okay, but they’ll also thrive with a confident man. Confident men get what they want in life, and that includes financially. Being with a confident man ensures that they will be able to get the resources that they need and want in order to thrive in life.

Other More Outer Reasons

Girls want to feel like just that, girls. For this reason, many girls try to find a taller guy to make them feel like more of a woman.

They look for a guy that they’ll be able to wear 4″ heels with, and still look short. That they can wear their hoodies as “oversized”, you know—stuff like that.

How to Increase Your Odds of Dating a Taller Girl

Hit the Gym!

If you are a shorter guy, then the best way you can work around this is by going to the gym. What’s better than coming off as strong? Being strong, of course.

While going to the gym and getting stronger (and healthier!) is absolutely going to help you with the ladies, this should not be your main motivator. If having success with girls is your main motivation, as soon as you get into a serious relationship, there goes your reason for going to the gym.

There are so many great reasons to go to the gym, feel better, live longer, be happier, so you need to remind yourself of these reasons, and know that you’re not only going so that girls will like you more. And besides, some girls prefer guys that are not strong over guys that you can tell go to the gym.

I know, it completely goes against our biology. But hey, there’s someone out there for everyone!

Work on Your Confidence

I know what you’re saying, after just reading the title. Are you kidding? Work on my confidence? That’s easier said than done!

And don’t worry, I would agree. Becoming a confident man is going to be a path of different timelines for everyone. Actually, becoming a confident man is a never-ending timeline for everyone. But achieving the same level of confidence will take varying amounts of time for everyone.

Everyone gains confidence in themselves at different rates, but trust me when I say this. This path to self-confidence is worth it. When you finally realize that everyone around you is in their own head, and that you get to live your life completely separate from others (that you don’t want to), that is when your life starts to really feel great.

The first thing to do is start practicing positive self-talk. What did you say to yourself the last time you screwed up?

Was it; “Oh my gosh, why are you so bad at everything!”, or “Are you kidding me!! Why can’t I do anything right?”

Well, then you can at least pinpoint a large factor to your self-confidence issue. What we say to ourselves, both verbally, and equally as important, in our heads, is huge for our overall well-being.

This is why using positive affirmations is crucial to your confidence. When we repeat positive affirmations to ourselves, our brains begin to feel that there is no alternative other than to accept them as true. The YouTube video below is a great example, and listening to it as you sleep is a great idea. Your brain will dwell on the affirmations all night, making for faster “absorption”.

If we tell our brains over and over that we are extremely confident people, and that we are awesome, then lo and behold, we start to view ourselves as confident, awesome people. I cannot stress enough how powerful this technique really is, and how important it is to implement this in your daily life.

A Few Famous Couples With a taller Girl

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

tom cruise and nicole kidman, taller girl

Tom Cruise, who stands at 5’7, was married to Nicole Kidman, who stands at 5’11 from 1990-2001. This a great example of a substantial size difference. Four inches is nothing to laugh at!

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke

danny and his taller girl

Daniel Radcliffe, who is 5’5, is a substantial 2 inches shorter than his partner, Erin Darke.

The Most Important Thing to Realize

You can date whoever you’d like to date. There’s no one on this planet who is “off limits” (within law of course!). Asking yourself “can I date a taller girl?” is just giving yourself not enough credit.

Of course you can date a taller girl! Not every girl that’s taller than you is going to be into you, but not every girl that’s shorter than you is going to be into you either.

What is important, is to remember that you are a catch. When you start to believe that you are a catch, you start to act like you are. And I don’t mean in a cocky, pompous, or over-confident way, but in a confident way. Girls don’t want an over-confident man, but they want a confident one!

You just need to work on becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, and the confidence will become second nature.