Ever wondered how to tell if someone has no friends? Wonder no longer. We’ve compiled an extensive list of ways that you can tell.

Making friends can be a difficult task in this day and age. Some people just do not know how to adjust their personalities so that they can fit in with others and make acquaintances.

You may see someone that seems likable and appears like they are a decent person, only to find out that they actually have almost no social life. 

The truth is that you can’t tell if someone is a loner just by looking at them. You may not even be able to figure it out from just your first meeting or interaction with them. But as time goes on you will start to notice some things that just seem off about the person.

We’re going to be going over some of the biggest signs that you can look for to figure out if someone has no friends. Some are more obvious than others, but every single one of the things we mention could play a part in the person being a loner with no friends.

1: They Always Separate Themselves from the Group

One giveaway for someone who could be a loner is that they will often separate themselves from groups of other people and prefer keeping to themselves. People who don’t have friends and always aim to isolate themselves tend to not have very many friends.

2: They Very Rarely Start a Conversation

If you notice that they never open up a conversation with you or other people and actively avoid being the first one to speak then they most likely are a loner. This kind of behavior can be a dead giveaway that they dislike social interactions and prefer to keep to themselves and be alone.

3: They Answer Questions Shortly and Don’t Elaborate

Another thing that someone with no friends does often is responding to a question with a very short answer and then never elaborating or sharing more than they need to.

Sociable people will oftentimes share more than what is asked and even ask a question in return in order to learn more about who they are talking to and to extend the conversation. Loners and people who don’t have friends may not know how to do this or simply choose not to.

4: They Always Stay at Home

It’s normal for someone with friends to go out of the house and spend some time with their buddies. Whether that’s at the gym, club, or even library, most of us crave relationships with other people.

People who don’t have friends, of course, don’t have the opportunity to do this and you can find them constantly staying at home by themselves… And not necessarily because of the current (2021) state of the world.

5: They Are Their Own Photographer

Most people with no friends don’t use social media at all (which we will mention later), but those that do will have all of their photos either self-taken or taken by a family member. 

6: They Never Seem to be in Group Photos

Related to the last point, if there are photos of that person then it is almost always only them, all by themselves.

Just because they aren’t in group photos doesn’t mean that their photos don’t rock… as demonstrated by this picture!

7: They Don’t Use Social Media

We live in a social age. If someone doesn’t use social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that may be due to the fact that the person has nobody to interact with online and doesn’t feel the need to make an online profile.

8: You Notice They Never Talk About Themselves

Someone who doesn’t share anything about themselves either doesn’t want to or doesn’t have anything interest to share. Either way, this may be a giveaway that they don’t have very many friends.

9: They Don’t Know Anyone 

For people in school or at work, it is common that they are familiar with at least some of the other individuals in the environment. It’s a big sign that they don’t have friends if they have no idea who any of the people surrounding them in their lives are.

10: Nobody Knows Them

Perhaps even worse is if nobody knows them. That means that they just aren’t someone who socializes ever.

11: They Never Use Their Phone

People who don’t have friends oftentimes don’t have much use for their phones. They have nobody to call and text, nobody is checking up on them or inviting them to outings, and that means that their phone is usually just sitting around dormant.

This is an especially important time to bring up that each of these reasons alone do not indicate that someone has no friends. Using your phone less is something, I believe, that everyone should strive to do.

But, in can be a giveaway in cases where someone wishes they could be on their phone, but isn’t.

12: They Are Always Available

Someone who has nothing planned on their schedule will always jump at the opportunity to come along for a special event or outing. It’s easy to tell if someone has a lot of time on their hands because they will jump at the opportunity to go out and do something with other people.

13: They Never Have Anything Planned for the Holidays

Not having plans for the holidays indicates a loner and means that they most likely have nobody that they can spend their special season with. 

14: They are Always “Apart” of Different Groups

Someone who has no friends is always changing the people that they hang around. If you notice them hanging out with a different group of people all the time, then that may mean that they don’t have any close friends, and spend a little bit of time with a bunch of groups of people in an effort to find somewhere they fit in.

15: They Never Get Anything Done

Studies have shown that loners tend to not get things done very often, or lack the needed drive to accomplish tasks effectively. A lack of inspiration could mean that the person in question doesn’t have any friends (and could use some)!

It doesn’t matter if it’s something big, like learning about investing, or something small, like developing a new skill. Some people with no friends can lack the inspiration required to get these things done.

16: It’s Surprising When Someone Wants to Talk to Them

Someone who lacks friends may get very excited at the prospect of someone talking to them. While they are very happy that someone wants to talk to them and interact with them, they most likely lack the needed social capabilities to make that person into a friend.

This could be because they never get to interact with anyone else because their personality just isn’t compatible with other people.

17: Simple Things Excite Them

If you meet someone and invite them over to your place to hang out and they seem super interested in basic things within your home then that could be a sign that they are a loner.

Someone who doesn’t have friends may not be going inside of other peoples’ houses very often, so if they admire your bookshelf or coffee table a little too much then it could simply be because they are so used to seeing their own stuff.

18: They Like ALL of the Same Things You Do

Someone who probably does not have any friends could like EVERYTHING that you like. Of course, they don’t really like all the same stuff as you, but they say that they do in an effort to get you to like them.

This is a classic tactic that loners and friendless people do because they feel that if they don’t like the same things as the people around them then they’ll never make any friends.

19: They Overreact to Jokes

People who don’t get much social exposure may try to overcompensate and do some over-the-top laughs whenever someone makes a joke in an effort to get some attention and show the person that they enjoyed their joke.

But don’t worry, if someone finds you really funny, it’s probably just because you are a funny person…

20: They Give You WAY Too Many Compliments

Have you ever met someone who just can’t stop complimenting you, even when it’s totally uncalled for? Yeah, that person probably doesn’t have very many, if any, friends. They’re probably doing this to ingratiate themselves to you so that you’ll like them more.

21: Call You Their Best Friend Even If You Barely Know Them

This is a red flag. If you have only known them for a short amount of time and they are already referring to you as their best friend then it’s a big giveaway that they don’t have any friends.

22: They Get Jealous When You Hang Out with Your Other Friends

Someone who doesn’t have any friends of their own will want to have you all to themself. Of course, you most likely want to spend some time with the other people you know instead of devoting all of your time to a new acquaintance, but they may not see things this way and instead want to have all of the attention for themselves.

If they get jealous and put down your other friends when you don’t spend time with them then it’s most likely a sign that they have no other friends to hang out with.

23: They Try to Force Friendship on You

A person who doesn’t have any friends might try to force you to be their friend without taking the necessary steps first. This is an awkward situation to be put in and is a dead giveaway that the person you are dealing with doesn’t have any friends of their own.

24: They Become Upset If You Don’t Have Time for Them

Someone who has no friends might get noticeably upset if you don’t devote time to them. It means that they crave attention and don’t get it from anyone else.

25: They’re Super Happy to Get Your Number

If you give them your phone number so that they can contact you and they seem a bit too happy then it might mean that they don’t get other people’s phone numbers very often. That’s a sign of not having any friends.

26: They Reply Very Fast to Texts

Noticing that someone replies a bit too quickly to your texts is probably a sign that they have no friends. A fast reply means that they were most likely waiting around for your text and they had nothing better to do and nobody else to talk to.

27: They Tend to Lie a Lot

People who have trouble telling the truth most likely don’t have very many friends, or any at all.

Relationships are all built off of trust, and if the person you are dealing with likes to make up lies and hide the truth from the people that they interact with then they probably don’t have any friends of their own.

28: They are Overly Attached to Their Possessions 

Someone who has no friends might instead place their affections in their possessions, hobbies, or pets.

You can usually tell if someone does not have friends because they will show an odd attachment towards the things that they deem valuable in their lives, oftentimes giving these things more attention than living breathing people.

29: They Do Everything Alone

A big sign that someone has no friends is that they do everything on their own. Whether it be grabbing something to eat, going out to a movie, or going out on a date by themselves, you will notice that they never do anything with anybody else. 

30: They Tell You They Have No Friends

Lastly, you can tell if someone has no friends if you simply go up and ask them. Someone who doesn’t have any friends is usually pretty easy to spot, and if you ask them about it they will most likely just tell you the truth and let you know that they don’t have any friends of their own. 

That gives you the perfect chance to talk to them and get to know them. Who knows, maybe you could become their first good friend!


These are just some of the many ways that you can tell if someone has no friends. Of course, someone having no friends is definitely not a reason for YOU not to be their friend.

They may just not have the social skills needed to befriend other people but have the perfect personality to become your good buddy for a long time to come.

Look out for these signs so that you can get a better idea if someone has friends or not, and if you find yourself meeting someone that shows some of these signs and really doesn’t have friends, perhaps try to befriend them as that could make them very happy. Everybody needs a friend; some people just don’t know how to get them.

Josiah Brown is a 20-year-old Entrepreneur and writer who is on a life-long journey of experiencing and learning.