Investing in Starbucks doesn’t need to be a complicated process, and you can be a shareholder in $SBUX in just a short time.

The process of investing in Starbucks is not as difficult as some people think, and there are actually 3 pretty simple steps to get started. All you need to do to invest in Starbucks is sign up for an investing account, fund your account, and purchase shares in $SBUX.

In this easy to follow article, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.

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#1 Sign Up For an Investing Account

In order to invest in Starbucks, you need to open up an account that will allow you to buy and sell shares of stocks.

Since $SBUX is a very popular stock that is traded on the Nasdaq exchange, just about any brokerage that you sign up for will allow you to invest in Starbucks.

There are a few requirements to open up a trading account which you will need to verify before getting started. The first is a proof of age, because with most brokers, you need to be 18 years old to open up a trading account.

Another requirement can often be a proof of address, which would most likely be a bill of some kind which shows that you live where you said that you live.

With some brokers, you may be required to upload a proof of income, but we found some brokers that do not require these, and are going to go over them next.

Best Brokerage for Investors (excl. Canada)

Our top recommendation for investors around the world is eToro. Please note that eToro is not currently available in Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela.

Investing through eToro is currently commission-free, which means you can invest in more Starbucks shares for the same amount of investment.

When you’re trying to figure out how to invest in Starbucks, eToro is a fantastic option.

The key word there is invest, as more than 70% of people that try to trade stocks will lose money.

The difference between trading and investing, is that trading is buying and selling a commodity for a short-term gain. Investing is where you purchase shares in a company and hold on to them in the hopes that the stock price will rise.

So, in this case, you would be purchasing some number of shares in Starbucks, and hoping that the cost of a Starbucks share rises after you buy it. Through this means of investing, you don’t need to do anything until you’d like to sell your shares at a profit, which could be a year, 10 years, 25 years, or even longer from now.

Get Started With eToro

Best Brokerage for Investors in Canada

Our top pick for those who are in Canada (which are currently unable to use eToro) is Questrade.

They offer low-cost trades, and the sign-up process is extremely easy.

One benefit of using this brokerage is that they have an online trading platform, so there is no need for any software or other accounts. With Questrade, you can just login to your account and trade straight from their online platform.

Get Started With Questrade

#2 Fund Your Account

Both eToro and Questrade each make the funding process very simple.

Funding Your eToro Account

On eToro, you can deposit money into your account through PayPal, credit cards, Skrill, bank transfer, and many other convenient ways, if that wasn’t enough.

Most of eToro’s funding methods are instant, but if you need to fund your account through a bank transfer, it will take at least a few days.

There is currently a $50 minimum deposit on eToro with most funding methods. However, if you need to fund your account via a wire transfer, the minimum deposit is $500.

If you’d like to read eToro’s FAQ surrounding deposits, you can do so here.

Funding Your Questrade Account

If you’re getting started with Questrade, your funding options are a little bit more limited.

Although you can’t fund your account using a credit card, you can fund it via online banking, Interac transfer, a pre-authorized debit, a wire transfer, and a few other options.

Questrade also has a minimum deposit of $1,000, which is substantially more than eToro, but is on pace with many other online brokers.

Funding your account on Questrade will likely take 1-2 days, but this is somewhat typical in the investment space in Canada.

For more information on funding your account on Questrade, check out their support page here.

#3 Purchase Shares in $SBUX

The next step, is of course going to be buying the shares.

Buying on eToro

The first step is searching for $SBUX.

When you’re on the Starbucks stock trading page, you’ll want to click “buy”, and then type in how much you’d like to invest in $SBUX, in terms of the dollar value.

By trading this way, your position will just be filled at the market price.

If you select “order” instead of “trade”, you can select the price that you would like to buy the shares at. The difference is that there must be a seller willing to sell you the shares at that price.

If you are just looking to invest in Starbucks, through buying and holding the stock, you will likely be better off by just using the “trade” feature.

Buying on Questrade

Investing in Starbucks on Questrade is also a pretty straightforward process, except you must understand how orders are filled.

Find $SBUX

Similar to eToro, when you are on the online trading platform, the first step is to search for $SBUX.

invest in starbucks

After getting to the $SBUX stock page, you’ll be able to see some of the crucial data on it, like the exchange it’s traded on, volume data, dividend information, and a small interactive chart.

On the right, you can see “order entry”, which is where you can start a purchase order of $SBUX shares, which is how to invest in Starbucks.

You can see the last price that $SBUX was sold at under “Last”, along with how many people are bidding to buy $SBUX at the ask price, and how many people are asking to sell $SBUX at the list price.

Generally speaking, if more people are bidding, then $SBUX is in high demand, and vice versa.

When you’re ready to invest, start by typing in how many shares you’d like to buy.

Order Type

Then choose your “order type”. If you’d like to limit your purchase price to under $X, then select “limit”.

If you’re okay to purchase the shares at market price, then select “market” and your bid is very likely to be filled quickly.


You also need to select a duration.

If you are looking to invest in Starbucks no matter what, then select “GTC”, which stands for good till canceled. As you can probably guess, your order will stick around until it is filled.

If you’re interested in purchasing only at the price it’s at today, or for any other reason, you may want your order to be filled today, or not at all.

If this is the case, select “Day”, and your order will only remain open until the end of the trading day.

If, by the end of that trading day, your order was not filled, your order is automatically cancelled.

The Last Step

Now, all you need to do is select the account you’d like to trade from (which you likely only have one!), and click “BUY”.

After confirming the verification, you’re all done, and you’ve officially invested in Starbucks.

Well, if your order was filled that is,

Let us know if you were successfully able to invest in Starbucks, and if there’s any helpful information we’ve missed!

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