Whenever I have any sort of ailment or am not feeling well, I think “have I had enough water today?” It is absolutely crucial to our health. Here are 100 benefits of drinking water.

Reduces headaches and migraines

Can aid in exercise performance

Water has been said to reduce our appetite for sugar, as well as playing a role in weight management

An appropriate amount of water prevents damage to the kidneys

Drinking water is crucial for a nice complexion

Can help in improving and/or maintaining the strength of our memory 

Drinking water can aid in the prevention of constipation

Water is one of the best ways to prevent acne

Can aid in preventing many arthritis-related conditions

Water acts as a detoxifying agent and can flush toxins out of our bodies

Can prevent unnecessary fatigue in many different situations

Drinking water can help prevent premature aging

Water helps maintains our bodies pH balance

Water helps to prevent sprains

It acts as an “appetite suppressant”, in a good way

Helps strengthen and nourish your hair

Water keeps our joints lubricated

It’s used in the production of saliva, which is essential to our bodies

Water is essential to our airways and respiratory system

Water can help in maximizing our energy

It helps our body send nutrients and minerals to the right places

Water helps with our bowel movements

Drinking water can help prevent a hangover, before it happens

Water is used in the protection of our brain and other sensitive organs

Helps deliver oxygen to our body, in the form of blood (which is mainly made of water)

It’s essential in regulating our body temperatures

Water is useful in preventing urinary tract infections

It promote a strong central nervous system

Drinking an appropriate amount of water keeps skin tight

Prevents hypertension and other blood related conditions

Our digestive system is completely dependent on it

Water helps with our cognitive functions

Not drinking water leads to dehydration, which opens up to a lot of bad possibilities

Getting enough water can help in preventing kidney stone

Water can help in reducing our susceptibility to pain

It helps our body process the rest of our food better

Drinking water has been shown to help with a runny nose

Prevents unnecessary cramping and bloating

Water helps in preventing backaches

Drinking more water will lead to a healthier heart

Water helps maintain our blood pressure

Used in the process of digesting food

Can help to increase your metabolism

Aids in the recovery of your muscles

Helps with faster muscle recovery

Water aids in fighting wrinkles, no matter what age

It helps with the purification of the gastrointestinal tract

Flushes bacteria from your bladder and promotes good bladder health

Helps your body with removing waste matter

Can help with heartburn and other related issues

Water can help in boosting brain power

Keeps cardiovascular system functioning at peak performance

Helps in making healthy diet changes

It’s been shown to boost our mood

Drinking water can help when you have bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses

Helps in preventing fevers

Water is crucial to the process of cellular homeostasis

It moistens the mucous membranes around the lungs and mouth, which is needed

Water helps our bodies to maintain a proper electrolyte balance

Assists in reducing stress-related conditions

Water helps maintain a healthy urinary system

Prevents dry mouth in kids and adults

Drinking water will help stop unnecessary dizziness

Increases the ability to concentrate

It can help in preventing yellow teeth

Water is important for recovering from an ear infection

Getting enough water can help with canker sores

Helps the body in recovery of illness

Drinking water helps reduce the effects of excessive alcohol consumption

Water is useful in reducing the effects of a bad sunburn

It’s crucial to building a stronger immune system

Water helps with reducing rosacea

Many people have had success in quitting smoking by drinking more water

Helps to rehydrate skin and help with eczema

If you have motion sickness (like from the car,) water can help

Drinking enough water can help with edema related issues

Getting the daily required water is great for your eyesight

Reduces acid reflux

Drinking water can help reduce the bags under your eyes

Water can help emulsify fats

Drinking enough water can help flush excess sodium from your body

Water can help stop your hiccups

It helps when you have diarrhea

Sipping water can help when feeling nauseous

A glass of water when you first wake up provides a great start to your day

Drinking water allows for a safe way to fast for extended periods of time

It helps when you find yourself choking on a variety of foods and substances

Having hot water can help relieve nasal congestion

It has zero calories, so you don’t have to feel bad about drinking it

Water can help prevent excessive sweating

Drinking water can help in preventing early-onset dementia

Getting the right amount of water can help with your breathing

Not getting enough water can cause blood clots

It tastes great, and is refreshing

Being hydrated can help guys in facial hair growth

Drinking enough water can help prevent chapped lips

Drinking water can even help with ED related issues

Water is helpful in preventing bad breath

It can help in preventing yellow teeth

Improves circulation and blood flow

Josiah Brown is a 20-year-old Entrepreneur and writer who is on a life-long journey of experiencing and learning.